Discovery The Beauty of Hon Lao (Updated!)

From Cua Dai wharf, the boat againsting the waves exceeding more than 17 nautical miles will take you to Cu Lao Cham (Cham Island), and your first stop is Hon Lao.

Charming Hon Lao with one mountain side and one sea side. Hon Lao is not only the most densely populated than 7 other islands of Cu Lao Cham (Hoi An City, Quang Nam province), but also known as the place with alluring scenery holding many tourists’ heart.

Playing at the island market

On the wharf is a square area covered by canvas which is called the island market. Whoever comes to this market for the first time is surprised with the quiet atmosphere here, unlike any hustle market in other places.

Women wearing palm-leaf conical hat and having local voice smile friendly with tourists. On the stalls are the popular specialties such as banh it la gai (cake with little ramie leaves), banh xu xe (literally "husband and wife cake"), dried anchovies, large and small dried squids and other fresh seafood.

Many tourists are interested in putting on shell rosary, try the olifant made from big sea snail, enjoy some cheap pieces of cake, or cool down themselves by free cup of herbal tea. The market on coastal area – a significant culture of Cu Lao Cham.


Walking around Hon Lao

From the island markets, tourists can easily call a motorbike taxi to go around the island. The motorbike will go through the winding roads of the hills. The two sides of the road are houses and small fields.

On the way, do not forget to visit Hai Tang Pagoda (Com hamlet, Lang beach) which was built over 250 years ago, located close to the western foothill of Hon Lao and had its steady back against the mountain.

The water transport looks like a village pond waiting for the boats coming to avoid the storms. All of them exudes a quiet and clean space. 

Hai Tang Pagoda in Cham Island, Quang Nam.

Hai Tang Pagoda - a famous landmark of the Hon Lao.

A station for boat in Lao Island

The water transport – a station for boats to avoid storms on Hon Lao.

Exploring the land behind Hon Lao

If you like adventuring, you can rent a motorbike to go along the concrete road to explore the behind area of Hon Lao. The road will takes you away from the crowd at the wharf and everyday noise, travels from the eastern cliff to the western ones covered Cu Lao Cham.

Sometimes, you could meet winding sections which has one mountain side and one deep abyss cliff side. In return, you would enjoy going between vast primary forest with thousands  of old trees, sycamore blooming its red flowers, or hugging a heritage banyan tree whose age is more than 6 centuries.

The higher, the more sound of water you can hear. The water dust of Cu Lao Cham touches your skins. Back-packing people often choose the dawn time to climb up the hills in order to watch the island from the high place. The sunshine is like a golden silk crossing the homes of indigenous people. The winding concrete path helps back-packing people discover the beauty behind Hon Lao. The heritage banyan tree which has 6 centuries of age – an ideal destination you should not miss on Hon Lao.

Having fun with waves

After a day of wandering on Hon Lao, you can witness a whole new island which covered by a quiet jacket by the sunset. It is also an ideal time for tourists to swim in Lang or Huong beach which have long sandy beaches and numerous immense stones with different shapes and sizes. Due to its cleanliness, tourists who do not wish to swim can sit with friends and enjoy rice with squids, mussels, oysters, clam porridge, etc. At night, tourists can lie on the sand to watch the stars or the squid fishing boats with its shinning lights like a floating city on the beach. Tourists can enjoy blue water of the clean and wild beach. Tourists can experience squid fishing and night fishing on Hon Laos