The “Silence” Tea House in Hoi An Ancient Town (Updated!)

Received many compliments on TripAdvisor, the tea house with their staff who all are deaf has become one of the most tourist-must-coming places in Hoi An.

Located on Tran Phu Street, Reaching Out tea house is surrounded by countless clothing stores, leather goods and other food stores. If you do not look closely, you probably miss it. At the tea house, customers not only enjoy the tea but also be served with bread or upon their request. The teahouse is like an opposite site to Hoi An and other stores which are always crowded with tourists. Inside the house is a quiet and relaxing space.

All of the tea house staff are deaf. They can not hear or speak, so they serve customers with friendly and devoted attitude. Customers can feel the beauty of silence everywhere. In the central of the tea house is a framework which demonstrates the words "Beauty of Silence" written in calligraphy.

The tea house is divided into different spaces in order to be convenient for customers to choose; however, all of the spaces are under a roof built in the style of the ancient tradition of Hoi An. There is a main space, two extra ones outside and a small garden deep inside.



The green corner of the tea house is suitable for people who love nature and open space.

People who like watching streets can choose the main space with the tables towards Tran Phu Street. If traveling in a group of 3 to 5 people, you should book a large table. If you go with a friend and both of you love the open space closing to nature, the tables in the small yard are extremely suitable for chatting. Beverages include herbal tea, snow jasmine tea, oolong tea, juice and coffee. The average price ranges from 80.000 to 150.000 VND. Customers can order some cakes to enjoy with tea and coffee.

The decoration of Reaching Out shows the delicate and highly traditional aesthetics. Wooden furniture are mostly in dark color, while beverages, especially tea, are packed in beautiful ceramic cups. All of flowers on tables are the wildflowers.



Reaching out tea house often use wildflowers to create a rustic and intimate beauty.

Customers will never have problems in communicating with staff, because there is a tray of wood pellets with paper and pencil on each table for them to write their orders. You just write down what you want and the staff will implement immediately. Drinking hot tea on a rainy day in silence in this place give me a chance to reflect and respect the word: Inclusive – the Vietnamese name of the tea house.



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