The Exciting Experience Not Everyone Knows When Traveling to Hoi An (Updated!)

Discovering canal boat in the Bay Mau coconut forest, learning farming in Tra Que vegetable village, visiting Kim Bong carpentry village, enjoying coffee in the early morning, etc. is some interesting activities of Hoi An tourism; however, not anyone knows that.

Learning to make pottery in Thanh Ha pottery village

Thanh Ha pottery village situated on the bank of Thu Bon river, ​​Thanh Ha district, Hoi An city, about 2km from the old town to the west. In the 16th and 17th century, Thanh Ha village is a very thriving and famous for its ceramic and terracotta items which were exchanged throughout the Central region of Vietnam. The pottery career has its origin in Thanh Hoa. Thanks to acquiring some technical lessons, the village has been developed until now.

 Hands of talented artisans in Thanh Ha pottery village.

Hands of talented artisans in Thanh Ha pottery village.

Products in Thanh Ha pottery village are mainly served daily life activities of people such as cups, bowls, jars, vases, etc. in many different styles and colors. Especially, they are lighter than the same products of other localities. The artisans meticulously draw each pattern of ceramic products. Come to the village, tourists not only witness the talent of artisans, but also be instructed to manually create the traditional handmade products here. Tourists are interested in making pottery product in Thanh Ha pottery village.

Discovering the canals in Bay Mau coconut forest by boats

Bay Mau coconut forest is located in Cam Thanh commune, only about 5km from Hoi An. This place is considered the Southwest region of Hoi An ancient town. It seems there is just a few explanation about the time of Bay Mau forest’s name. People only know that this hundred-years-old lush coconut forest covering an area of ​​ hundred hectares is a valuable treasure which enriches the beauty of Hoi An.

With the special terrain of thick green coconut forest and complex canals hidden under the shadow of trees, Bay Mau coconut forest used to be an important revolutionary base of Quang Nam in wartime. Therefore, beside the biological nature value, Bay Mau coconut forest is an alive relic with historical significance for people of Hoi An as well as in Quang Nam.


Bay Mau coconut forest with the experience of round boat.

Visiting the Bay Mau coconut forest, tourists not only enjoy the fresh atmosphere and beautiful scenery of lush coconut forest, but also have opportunity to nurture in the peaceful lifestyle of Bay Mau villagers. In addition, tourists can take a boat for fishing on small canals, and then return to the village to enjoy a simple meal full of Hoi An flavor.

Visiting Kim Bong carpentry village

Located in Cam Kim commune, Kim Bong carpentry village has its history up to 600 years. Under the Nguyen kings, Kim Bong is a name well-known for exquisite carpentry works with each boat and home. Moreover, the architecture of the houses or the temples in Hoi An ancient town were also designed by the hands of Kim Bong carpenters.

Tourists have to walk only 10 minutes from house in the ancient town to this village. Ever since setting the first steps on this land, tourists would be surprised with the sound of perforating or cutting woo here. The products of this village are recognized as gentle, rustic but equally sophisticated items. Tourists can buy horizontal lacquered boards, wooden statues, chairs or even small unique toys which have been polished to keep the natural color. 

Currently, Kim Bong carpentry village no longer makes boats or builds houses; instead of it, they create handicraft products. However, the quintessence and ingenuity still strongly imprint on each product.

 The wooden products are rated gentle, rustic but equally sophisticated.
The wooden products are rated gentle, rustic but equally sophisticated.

4.    One day being farmers in Tra Que vegetable village

Tra Que village is 2 kilometres from Northeast of Hoi An. Tourists can watch the whole process of planting vegetable following "green-clean-beautiful" standards. The growers in the village will guide tourists to plant, tend and harvest vegetable so that you can seed and water vegetable yourself.   In addition, tourists can enjoy dishes prepared with typical green vegetables of Tra Que village such as Quang noodle, Cao Lau and go around the village by riding buffalo.

A luxuriant corner of Tra Que village.
A corner of Tra Que Vegetable Village.

Buffalo riding is one of the most interesting experience in Tra Que village.
A tourist goes around the village by riding buffalo.

Enjoy TRa Que tour with some farmer daily working.

Tourists are excited to enjoy a day being farmers in Tra Que Vegetable Village.

Hoi An people are gentle and naive.

Enjoy the traditional arts

Traditional art has become a significant cultural product for tourism in Hoi An. In the journey to experience the culture of Hoi An, you should try to enjoy the art performances by the artists here. The smooth folk songs of Quang region, the unique display of tradition musicians or vibrant water puppetry performances will certainly bring you new emotions. Traditional art has become a special cultural products for tourism in Hoi An.

Address reference: Center of Traditional Art Performance (66 Bach Dang st.) or Factory of Souvenirs and Handicrafts (9 Nguyen Thai Hoc st.).

Visiting Cham Island, diving in to coral area, enjoying seafood and more

When hearing the name of Cu Lao Cham, you would think of the coral diving and seafood enjoyment. This is true, but not enough. You should try to rent a bike at Bai Lang and take a trip around the island, climb onto the highest mountain for panoramic views of Cham Island which is extremely fantastic as a dream. In addition, a diving trip or walking in the forest, participate in a night campfire on the deserted beach will give you a really interesting party on the sea.

Cham Island is very colorful and crowded with the early market.

The early market on Cham Island.

Climbing to the highest mountain for panoramic view of Cham island,
which is beautiful as a dream is an worthy experience but not everyone knows.

Enjoying a cup of coffee in the early morning

Another unique experience in Hoi An is going out in early morning. Wandering on the deserted streets to feel a austere and strangely quiet Hoi An,. Then, try to stop at a small coffee shop right away Cam Kim wharf or at the corner of Cau Pagoda, you will witness the return of an uncrowded Hoi An suddenly becomes busy, hustle and bustle. It is a simplest Hoi An; however, just a few people want to know.

Mot Hoi An - a place with lemon tea for your morning dessert.

Deserted street in Hoi An in the early morning.


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