Hoi An Experience 2019: Time, Transportation, and Local Cuisine





Hoi An is an ideal destination for families, couples, and groups of friends to spend their vacation. Possessing the dreamy and charming natural landscapes, historical architecture, fresh air, and tranquil scenery, Hoi An promises to bring you a memorable and comfortable trip.

The Best Time to Travel to Hoi An

Located in the South of Hai Van pass, Central Vietnam, the town has two distinct seasons, dry period and rainy occasion. The most appropriate time to travel is between March and August. Based on our experience, we suggest you should consider paying a visit in March and April when the weather is quite pleasant with little rain and sunny day but not too hot. Additionally, it is not the peak season, so the accommodation prices are not too high.

Hoi An Experience 2019: Time, Transportation, and Local Cuisine

Although Hoi An has a different look according to each season, the rainy season, which occurs in October, November, and December, brings heavy rainfall, causing floods in the ancient town area, so local people have to use boats for transfer. Notably, in every 14th day (according to the lunar calendar), all the houses in Hoi An will turn off their lights from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and light up lanterns, then go to Hoai River to let flowers garlands and colored lanterns drift away. Hence, if you stay in Hoi An during this particular day, you should join them and have pleasurable moments.


Hoi An Transportation

From Hanoi to Hoi An

The fastest way to reach Hoi An is by plane so that you have more time to visit the destination, as the flight only takes one hour. Besides, you can choose to take a train or bus. Never think about driving a motorbike since it is dangerous. Remember, the price of air tickets varies in each period; thus, you should try to get the cheapest fares.


From Danang to Hoi An

The distance between the two spots is just 30 kilometers, so after landing, we caught a taxi to the hotel, then hired a motorbike to go around Danang. The next day, we began our trip to Hoi An.

We rented a motorbike for 120.000 vnd per day. Since you have to fill up, ask the owner for the nearest gas station. Also, don’t forget to bring your ID card with you, as the owner will keep it as the collateral to let you take the motorbike away. Another safer option is to grab a taxi or bus from Danang to Hoi An.



Around Hoi An

As we hired a motorbike, we could reach every corner with our vehicle. When heading to the ancient town, we parked at the hotel, then hired a cyclo at 30.000 vnd. Traveling by motorbike helped us to stop at every place we liked.


Must-try Dishes in Hoi An

For food-lovers, the paradise of food in Hoi An with a long list of tasty recipes at low prices will seduce them as soon as they set foot on the land. Here are several cuisines that we have tried during our journey.


Cao Lau (Noodles with Pork)

Being one of the most famous dishes in Hoi An, it attracts tourists by yellow crisps noodles served with char siu-style pork and a small amount of broth. Then, the chef put fried greaves and greens on the top of the bowl.

Hoi An Experience 2019: Time, Transportation, and Local Cuisine

Popular eateries:

Cao Lau Lien: No. 9, Thai Phien Street

Quan Thanh Cao Lau: No.26, Thai Phien Street

Cao Lau Trung Bac: No. 87, Tran Phi Street


Quang Noodles

It is a must-try food once you come to Hoi An. It can be served with chicken or frog. The unique factor which earns the fame of the plate is the meticulously handmade noodles, neither too soft nor too tough, and the thickness of each fiber is moderate.

Hoi An Experience 2019: Time, Transportation, and Local Cuisine

Popular eateries:

Mi Quang Chi Ha - Ms. Ha Noodle: No. 2, Thai Phien Street

Quan Ba Linh - Mrs. Linh Noodle: No. 137, Phan Chau Trinh Street

Mi Quang Ong Hai – Mr. Hai Noodle: No. 6A, Truong Minh Luong Street


Chicken Rice

Hoi An chicken rice leaves visitors with a deep impression due to the light yellow rice, while the chicken has yellow fatty skin and boneless meat cut into moderate pieces. People often consume the food with onions, herbs, and a bowl of broth.

Hoi An Experience 2019: Time, Transportation, and Local Cuisine

Popular eateries:

Ba Buoi chicken rice: No. 22, Phan Chau Trinh Street

Ba Nga chicken rice: No. 8, Phan Chau Trinh Street

Ba Ty Hoi An chicken rice: No. 25&27, Phan Chau Trinh Street



Quang Nam Banh To

Although the rustic cuisine is not eye-catching compared to other specialties, it is quite tasty with the scent of sesame seeds, and the cake is sticky and brownish yellow-colored.

Hoi An Experience 2019: Time, Transportation, and Local Cuisine

Banh It La Gai - Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Ramie Leaves

The sticky rice is filled with ground mung bean and shredded coconuts, then wrapped in ramie leaves to form a triangle shape. This is the most popular gift that national citizens often give their relatives.


 Banh Dau Xanh - Cakes Made from Ground Mung Bean

The cake in the circular shape with the swastika carved used to be dedicated to the King and his courtiers. It can be stuffed with either meat or vegetables, then baked in appropriate temperature to become yellow, crunchy, and aromatic. The snack must be a meaningful gift expressing the skillful hands of the local citizens.

Hoi An Experience 2019: Time, Transportation, and Local Cuisine 

Sweet Gruel

In addition, Hoi An is well-known for various types of sweet gruel made from natural nuts, which are good for health, including corns, mung beans, lotus seeds, sesames, and kidney beans. There are numerous peddlers sell them on pavements around the ancient town, so you can quickly try once.


Hoi An Experience 2019: Time, Transportation, and Local Cuisine

Let's move to the next part about where to go and how to have a nice time in Hoi An!