Hoi An Experience 2019: Destinations and Tips on Visiting

As you have learned about some travel experience on time, transportation, and special dishes in Hoi An, in this section, we are going to introduce you some worth-visiting destinations and tips to have a nice trip to Hoi An. Keep reading!

Top-rated Tourist Attractions in Hoi An


Cau Temple

The temple was constructed in the late 16th century. It has another name, Japanese bridge, which contains a small shrine in the middle to worship Zhenwu Emperor. The highlight of this bridge is the dome with unique designs and patterns in a harmonic combination of various architectures, such as Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and even Western. Cau temple is one of the most famous destinations in Hoi An, so every tourist coming here don’t want to miss the particular construction. In the autumn, when flower garlands and colored lanterns festival opens, the shimmering lights from those lanterns spreading throughout the temple, making it more sparkling and dreamy.


Tan Ky Old House

The 200-year-old ancient house is an attractive spot due to the unique architecture separated into several small rooms with different functions. In front of the house is the place for trading, while the back is to wholesale goods since it is connected with the port. To erect the stable old shelter, skilled builders had carefully designed and meticulously constructed. Over time, the house remains stable and becomes a beautiful spotlight for the ancient town of Hoi An.

The house brings tourists a feeling of security and peace because its design is the interference of numerous architecture in the region. The site with plenty of fantastic things is waiting for you to explore.

 Hoi An Experience 2019: Destinations and Tips on Visiting

An Bang Beach

Once heading to Hoi An, you should spend time dropping by An Bang Beach. Unlike Cua Dai Beach, An Bang is quite tranquil; therefore, it is an ideal place for those who are looking for a calm atmosphere. The cleanliness and fresh air are suitable for many activities, including flying kites, watching sunrise and sunset, and just simply lying on the soft sand and contemplating the blue sky.

 Hoi An Experience 2019: Destinations and Tips on Visiting

Cham Island

Cham Island is not a new name, but it still has a seduction with travelers all over the world. Recently, the newly-operated service – coral diving, allows tourists to dive deep under the sea to witness adorable coral reefs and multi-colored flocks of fish. You can also try some exciting experience when you hire a bike to slowly cycle around the island, breathe the pure air, and see majestic green landscapes. In short, the island is a must-visit attraction during your trip to Hoi An.

 Hoi An Experience 2019: Destinations and Tips on Visiting

Hoi An Handicraft Workshop

In case you want to take a closer observation in how the locals made flower garlands, lanterns, paper fans, and other handicrafts, you will find the answers in Hoi An handicraft workshop.

Located amidst traditional villages that produce sophisticated goods in high quality, the workshop welcomes guests to join the process of making primary products. Also, don’t forget to buy some souvenirs as gifts for your dears.

 Hoi An Experience 2019: Destinations and Tips on Visiting

Hoi An Museum

The museum partly contributes to the hundreds of year old antique beauty. Established in the late 20th century, the museum displays more than 200 artifacts with high historical values, marking the development of Hoi An city. The museum is the pride of local citizens, also the place to sign long-lasting features of the pleasant and dreamy land. It promises to be an informative and exciting destination, don’t miss it!

 Hoi An Experience 2019: Destinations and Tips on Visiting

Hoi An Market

Situated near the ancient town, the market sells everything, from essential ingredients to clothing and jewelry. If you want to make a meal by yourself or buy some fruits to snack, the market is the best choice.

 Hoi An Experience 2019: Destinations and Tips on Visiting

Bay Mau Coconut Forest

The last worth-visiting attraction in Hoi An on this list is Bay Mau coconut forest, about 5 kilometers from the ancient town. You will have a chance to admire the coconut trees when sitting on a punt drifting along the river. Besides, trying some rustic dishes from coconuts or freshwater fish is a great idea.

 Hoi An Experience 2019: Destinations and Tips on Visiting

Remarkable Notes

After each trip, we acquire new exciting experiences and withdraw valuable tips for a better trip the next time. Here are some pieces of advice for you: 

Organizing a plan and referring all the destinations beforehand.

Tracking the weather forecast so that storms and torrential downpours will not cancel the trip.

Always bringing your ID with you.

Preparing personal essentials, encompassing sunscreen, sunglasses, shampoo, shoes, appropriate items of clothing, and first aid kits and medicines for common illnesses.

If you go to holy sites, remember to wear formal clothing, keep the environment clean, and no pushing.

When you catch a taxi, you should choose reliable brands with a taximeter, and avoid their advice on accommodation (in case you haven’t booked one yet) as it may be a tourist trap.

 Hoi An Experience 2019: Destinations and Tips on Visiting

You have read all the things we want to share from our trips to Hoi An. We hope you find the information helpful and have a safe and happy journey!