The Peaceful Hoai River in Hoi An Ancient Town (Updated!)

 No matter what time is it in the day, early morning, afternoon or late at night; there are many small boats which are always willing to bring tourists special experience of the life in Hoi An.

The Hoai River is a tributary of the Thu Bon River which flows through Hoi An. It is considered a inseparable symbol of the old town to both domestic and foreign people.  This small peaceful river is also associated with the life of Hoi An's residents, whose main jobs are to carry tourists by boats.

A new day on the river usually starts very early. Due to the demand of watching the sunset of tourists, many groups of them often go to the wharf early. That is the reason why local people have to prepare even earlier. Whenever the tourists arrive, the ferrymen will begin to sail their boats.


You can hire a boat to travel around Hoi An within 30 minutes. It is exciting that all boats here are not equipped motors, so you can feel a truly ancient, simple and close to the old town.

Tourists not only witness the beauty of Hoi An, but also listen to the interesting daily stories of ferrymen. Together with the sound of the paddles hitting the water in quiet space, tourists would be more impressed with this friendly land.

In any moment of the day, you can see small boats carrying tourists on the river. In the early moring, afternoon, or even late at night. Whenever tourists want, the ferrymen are always ready to start their tour.


If you have opportunity, do not forget to try to catch a boat on the Hoai River in the evening, especially in lantern night. You can buy a small lantern light with the price from 50.000 VND to lay it on the water surface. The whole river suddenly looks like in a fairy tale thanks to colorful lights from houses, restaurants and lanterns.