5 Exotic Food You Should Try When Traveling to Hoi An (Updated!)

  Although jellyfish noodles, tapioca soup, mac nam, etc. are the typical dishes of Hoi An, not many tourists have been tried them yet.


If you only eat chicken rice, cao lau, dumplings or white rose as familiar suggestions, maybe you should book a tour to Hoi An again to enjoy the following dishes.

1.    Jellyfish noodle

The Quang-styled noodle in jellyfish season will have richer flavor.

Quang noodle with shrimp is quite familiar to many people, but the seasonal jellyfish noodle is a delicious dish which you hardly see. The small pieces of translucent crispy chewy jellyfish are mixed with thick noodles. Especially, enjoying it on boat is the right way to eat. The culture of eating noodle on the boat in Hoi An makes many people feel interested. You can enjoy your meal while swaying with the rhythm of the waves. What an unforgettable experience!

The jellyfish season usually begins between the 3rd lunar month and the summer. In this time, you can also visit the vendors on the roadside cto eat jellyfish noodle and learn more bout Hoi An’s food.


2.    Tapioca soup

Although tapioca is often used to process che (traditional Vietnamese sweet beverage, dessert soup) or sweet dishes, this ingredient is presented in a simple soup in Quang Nam, which is both family and desert meal.

Pure tapioca has good antifebrile effect.

Tapioca soup can be from pork bones or chicken bones. Depending on the preferences that people eat tapioca soup with shrimp, crab, quail eggs or meat balls; however, it cannot be served without eggs cutting into small eye-catching yellow fibers. A perfect finished soup need to be added pepper and cilantro

In the late afternoon, you can enjoy a bowl of tapioca soup to warm up your belly.


3.    Mac nam

Today, almost nowhere can remain the traditional flavor of the food which has a strange name. In fact, it is cooked from beef tendon, beef brisket, and mess beef as curry or Bo kho (Vietnamese beef and vegetable stew, often cooked with warm, spicy herbs), but is marinated with herbs based on the special secrets of cooker.


The special feature of the dishe is the herb spices.

Each steak is tender but not so soft, the sauce having amber color should be eaten with small bread.


4.    Jackfruit with shrimp

This dish is not difficult to process; however, the most important step is choosing the good and unripened type of jackfruit which would has inviting scent when it is steamed.

You will have the opportunity to taste this dish in a meal of Quang people’s family. Jackfruit is used to cook the kind of going-to-ripe jackfruit. They boil and then crush its seeds, mix with shrimp, add fish sauce, pepper, garlic, chili and stuff the mixture in to the piece of jackfruit.


5.    Gio heo hon

According to the cooking way of people in the Central of Vietnam, the pettioes have rich spices flavor.

This dish is very suitable to eat with hot rice in rainy days. The pettioes are grilled before being “hon”. A bite of pork with salty and sweet tasty, together with lemongrass flavor on the tongue would make you surprised.

Only come to Hoi An will you feel yourself closer to the rich culinary traditions of this land.